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Project Humanity by Bengali-Mp3.Com-Be A Small Santa (December 2014)

Our monthly audio story competition is temporarily suspended due to some internal issues. It will be back soon

The best story for the month Feb-March goes to Fansi (By Sayak aman) from Midnight Horror Station The story came to us in a different and soothing way. It was nice to plunge into the stream of consciousness in our own mother tounge. Story telling and background score was impressive.

It was really a tough choice this month as we have got several unique audio stories that match our competition's criteria. We would like to thank everyone for contributing in our platform. Best audio story for the month Jan-Feb (submissions till 15th ) goes to AAA Associates for story Blindia. We loved their unique concept to promote neglected Blind Cricketers. Congratulation. Contact us for your reward.

Bengali-Mp3.Com-Audio Story Competition-2015
To encourage original creativity Bengali Mp3 will now select & reward a best audio story in every month.Selection will be done between 20th to 25th (from February onwards) . Winner will get Rs.500/- as winning prize & story of the month tag in our Facebook page.
1. Story must be self-written/translated from foreign writers in Bengali.Copyrighted stories from Indian Writers will not be accepted.If you are submitting stories from Indian writers for the competition then you must take authorization from the writer.
2. Story should be exclusive for Bengali Mp3.However It may be uploaded in souncloud/youtube/official website after 7 days from the date it got published in our website.BengaliAudiostories.in is our partner. Story will be available there too.
3. Decision will be taken by Bengali Mp3 own staffs or we may appoint guest judge(s). Our decision will be the final. Any questions/explanation behind our decision will not be entertained.
4. Bengali Mp3 reserves the right to discontinue the competition or reject any stories.
5. Rules may be altered if necessary.

Spread the news. Support us in spreading original creativity ! Thank you !


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